* About the Human without Borders Cultural Institute

With the help of a group of professors and elites of the country, the Human Without Borders Cultural Institute  take a worthy step in the field of culture, education, and empowerment of various strata of managers and employees of public and private organizations with their children and families.

To achieve this important goal, the managers and employees of the institute set their visions, goals, and mission statements as follows, and consider themselves loyal and obliged to carry them out accurately and qualifyingly.

Hopefully, thanks to God ’ s vast mercy, effort, and perseverance, our colleagues will be able to implement all these ideas and we will be able to take an effective step towards the goals of the Human Without Borders Cultural Institute

«Management of the Human without Borders Cultural Institute»

* Perspectives

In 1404, this institute intends to be a leading institution in the field of production of educational, cultural content, and empowerment of human capital throughout Iran and the region, by national and international standards.

Given the speed of production and dissemination of new knowledge and skills, and the contribution of human capital in the sustainable development of today’s societies, applying the latest and the new learning methods to use its capacities to train and transform the workforce into human capital and with gaining a significant share of this market by emphasizing the protection of the interests of stakeholders, especially shareholders and customers, to create significant productivity.


We intend to use the power, knowledge, and experience of domestic, international teachers, researchers, and consultants, using modern technology and valuable global experiences, by producing content and holding face-to-face and virtual training courses simply and practically in the country, and the region with the desired profitability to achieve the goals of stakeholders.

* Objectives of the institution

The main goal of the institute is to effectively help the process of equipping the executive and operational programs of the country, supported by scientific and expert measures. This will be achieved with the following operational objectives:

1- Planning and implementing the applied training with appropriate theoretical support and participatory, creative, and innovative training methods for organizations, companies, and economic, social, and cultural institutions of the country.

2- Implementing research projects based on the needs of organizations, companies and economic, social, and cultural institutions of the country.

3- Finding complications and providing specialized advice by the issues and problems of organizations, companies, and economic, social, and cultural institutions of the country.

4- Effective scientific and executive support for the production of thought and commercialization of technical knowledge in the context of economic, social, and cultural activities of the country

5- Scientific support, facilitation, and the intellectual guidance of innovative ideas and projects to develop entrepreneurship in the country.

6- Development of scientific and executive cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and scientific-research institutes to effectively exploit and continuously access the frontiers of knowledge.

* The moral charter of the Cultural and Artistic Human Without Borders Cultural Institute

The members of the Cultural and Artistic Human Without Borders Cultural Institute arecommitted to putting the following values ​​and commitments at the forefront of their professional ethics:

1- Preservation of social and cultural honors.

2- Observance of clients’ rights and legal requirements.

  1. Commitment to ethical values ​​in communication and individual and organizational interactions.

4- Welcoming new and constructive initiatives and ideas in the institute.

  1. Making very efforts to continuously improve knowledge and expertise.

6- Paying attention to the demands and opinions of customers and respecting their satisfactionto achieve customer-oriented goals.

* Core values

  1. Honesty: Respect for competition rules and regulations; Honesty to the customer and adherence to the principles of professional ethics.
  2. Commitment: Accountability to employees, customers, community, and the environment as a guarantor of the promotion and maintenance of the leadership.

3-quality: Commitment to quality in providing products and services to maintain individual-national capital.

4- Innovation: Opening new areas in the organization, improving the level of knowledge of employees, and creating diversity in products and services.

  1. Motivation: Upgrading the institution by relying on empowerment, and creating conditions in which employees have the necessary motivation to do the right job by having an enthusiastic and lively work environment and providing points of view.